Hi, we're Alpha Apps,


We're a fast-growing startup that's one part content creator and another part software developer. Alpha Apps' vision is to create a portfolio of websites where each site helps the reader accomplish a significant milestone or life goal. We partner with content creators looking to deliver a better educational experience and reach a wider audience.


Look what our incredible team has already accomplished.

  • Alpha Apps founded to help its users accomplish large life goals.
  • Real Estate License Wizard created to help aspiring Realtors pass their real estate exam.
    Realtor Real Estate License Real Estate Exam
  • Created to help New Zealand students pass their NCEA and other physics classes.
    Physics NCEA Level 1 NCEA Level 2
  • Launched Analyzing Alpha to help investors and traders make more money in the markets.
    Investing Trading Data Science
  • The Real Estate License Wizard YouTube channel reaches one million views.
    YouTube Creator Free Real Estate Videos


If you're a content creator looking to partner with us or know someone who may be interested in selling an educational-based website, please contact us at info [at] alphaapps [dot] io.